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Vessel of water


💧‘Water love potion bottle’💧

Introducing our next elemental vessel family member, divine water. Essential and inextricably linked, we flow forth aware that we exist because of her. Our bodies are vessels of mostly water as it flows in and out of us, the lubrication of life. Strong enough to move mountains if needed and wise enough to flow around them if possible. A dynamic samurai that cannot be resisted as she changes from liquid to solid to ether and evaporates before your eyes. Carrying the wisdom of flexibility and patience, while holding the knowledge that one drop can break through stone. She is the universal cleanser, moving energy and bringing life to desolation.

The pale blue chalcedony emanates a calm, soothing and balanced vibration, drawing from a deep well of inner knowledge, while cultivating an intuitive quiver of communication skills. A perfect ally with nurturing Larimar that calms fear, balances our physical and emotional bodies and connects us to an inner oasis of peace.

Dimensions: 2” x 0.75” x 0.25”

Materials: Sterling silver with pale blue chalcedony and Larimar on sterling silver chain and clasp. 

** 25” chain length unless otherwise requested.