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Hello world!

My name is Erin McAuley, and I'm the cogs, wheels, slide whistles, and zany ideas behind Soulumination Artworks. In truth, I've always been an artist, from the age of four stringing seed beads, building fairy houses and forts, and colouring my little heart out, everyday all day. Art is my jam. I love to create, assemble, envision and dream. Having diverse materials at my fingertips, makes my world go round.

My jewelry journey began, when I attended the Kootenay School of the Arts in 2005 in Nelson BC, for the two year program of jewelry and small object design. I went there intending to go for the metal work program, but ultimately jewelry stole me away. Same same, but smaller scale with finer metals and oodles of glittering gems!

So now I am a builder of tiny precious objects, and am bestowed with the privilege of creating important things for incredible people! I am aided in this special task by living nestled in the majestic mountains of the west kootenays, where natures beauty literally brings me to my knees on a daily basis. I abode in a fairy cottage (seriously, check the photo!), with my sweetheart Chris, and three fluffy, kooky and wonderful cat creatures, named Rocco the love cat, Charlie the dancing dragon, and Rey of sunshine. 

My creative process is a wild commotion at times, where my muse is a feverish beast galloping through the forest, while I trail behind trying to keep up with the river of ideas that all want to be born simultaneously. I have struggled to fit into a conventional creative paradigm and have realized its best to just allow the ideas to flow as they want. I am a lightning rod, an instrument and a conduit for creativity. Nature is my greatest inspiration, and mostly my creations are an ode to her splendour. 

My mission statement is simple. To make you feel good. I believe we are all imbued with a unique and glorious beauty, not just aesthetics, but the depth of content in our souls. When we feel good in ourselves, we shine with the radiance of a thousand suns. My hope is, that if you so choose to adorn yourself with my creations, that they make you feel empowered, in turn your intrinsic beauty illuminates you from the inside out. Jewelry does not make you beautiful. How you feel when you're wearing it does. 


Thank you for supporting me on my artistic path, I am honoured and humbled by the privilege of being able to follow it.