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Vessel of fire


🔥’Fire’ love potion bottle 🔥

Number 3 in our element family is radiant miss fire. She is the circle we gather around, drawing us back together to lean into the warmth of community and remember our origins. The flame that guides, carrying the wisdom of leadership and encouraging us to burn bright and be seen as we are. Embodying bravery, she encourages us to offer all that does not serve our path, to the flames of transmutation. Knowing that we’ve only cleared the ground for new things to grow.

Spessartine garnet is a powerful stone of attraction, magnetising towards us all that we desire, while clearing any resistance in ourselves that could be slowing the process. A powerful creativity enhancing ally, stimulating the wearer to take action towards their dreams.
Red coral is a perfect partner, bolstering energy, courage and clear concentration to make our dreams a reality.

Dimensions: 1.5” x 1” x 0.25”

Materials: Sterling silver with spessartine garnet and red coral on sterling silver chain and clasp. 

**25” chain length unless otherwise requested.