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Vessel of earth


🌿’Earth’ love potion bottle 🌿

First up in the family of element vessels is Earth, because we all know the sweetness of the love we receive from this miraculous and dynamic orb we call home amidst the vast cosmos. In these turbulent times she’s holding us as we find our way back to harmony. Though it may seem never ending.. the chaos across time, she’s seen ages rise and fall.. she’s watched many ‘strong conquerors’ turn to dust as she rotates in space. Her wisdom is enduring and timeless, teaching us to trust in the organic process of growth beyond what our minds can fathom. Despite a systemic plague of feeling separate, we are essential and connected to her and each other.

Emerald at the centre of this bottle holds the key wisdoms of our benevolent earth mama.. love, compassion, healing and abundance. She is constantly bringing us back to these fundamentals as a guide of how we could thrive. Paired with bright and loving chrysoprase that facilitates a deep connection with the earth and keeps us in our hearts while traversing difficult times.

Dimensions: 1.33” x 1” x 0.25

Materials: Sterling silver with rosecut emerald and chrysoprase on sterling silver chain and clasp. 

** 25” chain length unless otherwise requested.