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Vessel of air


🌬️’Air’ love potion bottle 🌬️

Last but definitely not least, welcoming air into our circle of elements. She is the most mysterious of them all as she is felt but not seen, aside from the very visible effect she has on the world. All around us, she animates every moment with each breath we take, enlivening us as we harness her power in order to do the impossible feat of defying gravity. Magic and wonder, here, there and everywhere, a true magician of possibilities. Embodying the wisdom found in trusting our own path and being a visionary while allowing ourselves to be moved by the unseen. While remembering we can rally her forces and invite in the winds of change when we feel the need for rebirth.

Moonstone is the keeper of mysteries, a talisman aiding us to dive into our depths to retrieve hidden truths and bring them into the light of consciousness. Drawing our attention to the cycles of our lives and celebrating the lifetime of milestones we’ve already achieved.

 Dimensions: 2” x 1.25” x 0.25”

Materials: Sterling silver with moonstone on sterling silver chain and clasp.

**25” chain unless requested otherwise.