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Talisman of water


The talisman of water flows in with the energy of an effervescent waterfall, full of zest and vitality. The unmistakable blue flash is like diving into a deep pool of cool clear water. Water is the element of flow, reminding us to tap in to nurture and care for our needs. This glowing power house of magic and support, is allied by blue topaz which enhances our ability to concentrate and be decisive.  Paired with the watery aqua shades in the amazonite and chrysoprase beads, which activate our compassionate self, connection with nature and harmonious communications.

*Antiqued silver with brass and double mixed metal bezel and trillion cut london blue topaz. On a 17.5'" sterling chain with chrysoprase and amazonite beads with handcrafted clasp.

Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.25"